Going Beyond Mentorship: Sponsorship’s Role in Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

Recent conversations inspired my latest CEOWORLD magazine article, highlighting that businesses aren’t meeting #diversityequityinclusion goals because they are over-mentoring and under-sponsoring. 

“Sponsorship goes beyond traditional mentorship. It involves individuals in positions of influence actively advocating for and supporting the career advancement of underrepresented groups.” [excerpt]

Steps you can take to help elevate women on your team: 

*Give the floor to another person in a meeting 

*Make introductions to key decision-makers

*Recommend women for high-visibility opportunities like being a co-author on an article, a panelist, or a speaker at an event.

Efforts that can help you sponsor women:

Unveiled: Bridging The Gap to Sponsorship launched by fellow Chief member Sahana Mukherjee, SHRM-SCP [she/her]

Path Forward.ORG is a non-profit dedicated to helping women restart their careers recommended by executive coach Ann Mehl.

Diplomatic Courier prioritizes the credentialing of emerging young leaders in foreign policy through the leadership of Ana Rold.

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