Business’s Best Recession Bet: A Mid-Career Professional Woman

I have spoken to many women over 50 who have difficulty finding a job despite employers having challenges filling technical and management roles. Read my article to learn about gender bias and ageism in hiring and practical tips for the job seeker and the employer to ensure these key economic stakeholders survive the next few years.

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a centerpiece in today’s human resource conversation yet rarely does the discussion focus on the bias against 50-something plus women despite their proven ability to multi-task with diligence and dedication. Female Baby Boomers and Millennials are the “sandwich generation,” supporting children and aging parents. Another growing workforce segment, single older women are not only responsible for building their own retirement savings but also many are assisting other family members.” 

“We are driven to survive and thrive. In fact, my generation may be one of the strongest assets to turn around business when things are going south…We didn’t just climb the ladder but diligently fought to open doors for the next generation. Our experience managing change during the bust, and the Great Recession is our greatest value because we are seasoned professionals who are adept at managing complexity both on the job and at home.”