Let’s Change the Narrative On Retirement


This CEOWORLD magazine column was co-authored with Deborah Gale, Director and Co-Founder of The Purpose Xchange, an organization founded to help people create their non-retirement with purpose.

Our shared belief is captured in the first paragraph of the piece:

“Corporate America is at an inflection point as we watch the greatest reshuffling of workforce assumptions since World War II. The women who were part of the wartime economy refused to return to their pre-war roles after V-Day. Just as women helped accelerate the economic boom of the 1950s, so can the full utilization of baby boomers in all aspects of life positively affect the future of work and prosperity today. It is time to turn around the narrative on what it means to retire and highlight our potential for even greater personal productivity through the active engagement of all citizens of every age…. As companies face ongoing competition to retain committed people, it is critical that they not limit options by discounting their older workers and mature talent, but instead value the full potential and flexibility of the entirety of the workforce.”