Extending Your Legacy


“Thoughtful analysis before an exit enables you to forge future legacies grounded in a life that breeds fulfillment and creates a sustainable future for the things that are important to you—your community, field of study, and areas of passion. The key is mapping a course to control where you want to go within the lifestyle and financial framework that fits the life you want to have.”

Serving in the Reagan White House Office of Presidential Personnel in my early 20’s gave me unique insight into how people “design” their lives–career paths, opportunities available through government service, and intentional engagement. Serving as a resource for multiple administrations, start-ups, corporate boards, and non-profits looking for great leaders has been an honor. Plus, I enjoy brainstorming with friends and peers who understand that your job does not define you. Instead, you are defined by who you are and will be. I hope my column helps you extend your impact when stepping back from full-time engagement.