Why We Must Ditch the 9-5 Model and Redesign the Work Week


The pandemic created a seismic shift in attitudes highlighting the need for society to visualize a new futureā€”a bold future for managing our daily stress points–medical needs, work, family, and school. 

Whether designing colonies on Mars or building Starbase, Texas, we know Elon Musk is throwing the rule book away, and so should we.  In my recent CEOWORLD magazine column, Why We Must Ditch the 9-5 Model and Redesign Life, I ask the question: What if we could redesign our lives to maximize every one of the 168 hours of the week for our families, selves, and workplaces?  

Thought leaders and businesses recognize the work week as designed may not be part of our future world scenario. Employees are quitting. Those who quit are not returning to work, and many are setting up their businesses. CEOs, healthcare professionals, and teachers are leaving in record numbers as they absorbed the stress and strain of managing systems that did not fit the Covid-19 world.  Not surprisingly, college presidents joined the exit. As new leaders step forward to fill the gap, we as a country are flying the airplane while rebuilding it.  The headwinds are strong, and the turbulence is terrible.

It is time to build a new roadmap to a bold future together.