We face major challenges in the world—geopolitical unrest, economic stagnation, rising anxiety, abrupt technological change, and societal fragmentation.

All the organizations and thought leaders that are working on these colossal issues are doing a lot of talking but not a lot of solving. This is why world leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs bring me in to help solve their greatest challenges. I don’t just talk about solving problems but partner with others to get the job done serving as Chairperson of the Diplomatic Courier’s futuristic think tank, World in 2050, and as a Distinguished Fellow at the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanities, SMU Lyle School of Engineering. 

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy Turnaround expert Lisa Gable shares guidance for leaving your legacy long before you are prepared to go. Email speaking engagement requests to

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A vigorously written, ultimately encouraging method for rescuing a messed-up situation.”

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“In Turnaround – How to Change Course When Things Are Going South Ambassador Lisa Gable, drawing from decades of experience in the private and public sectors, shares her simple but powerful method for breathing new life into the most troubled ventures.”

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